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About company

        The Camline group of companies traces its history back to the establishment in 1991 of the production and commercial company of the same name in the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. From the very first day of its foundation, the company paid special attention to the quality of its fish products. Long years of work at sea and the desire for an impeccable reputation predetermined the choice of the form of production.

         The Group of Companies includes the Russian fishery enterprises Rosrybflot and Mercury. They catch marine bioresources and produce fresh-frozen fish products directly in the sea.

The Group of Companies owns 17 fishing trawlers, of which 14 are medium-tonnage and 3 BATM-type vessels. To deliver fish products from fishing areas to ports convenient for our customers for unloading, the fleet includes 10 refrigerated vessels with a capacity of 700 to 5000 tons. Four of them are equipped with a unique freezing technology that maintains the temperature in the holds up to -500 C. The total cargo capacity of the Group's refrigerated fleet is 24,620 tons.

       For productive fishing, trawlers use the latest models of trawls and trawl doors, and are equipped with powerful trawl winches. The trawlers have workshops with modern technological and freezing equipment, which makes it possible to produce fish products at the level of world standards. The priority is the use of modern technologies based on advanced domestic and foreign experience for the processing and freezing of fish products at sea. Vessels of the Group of Companies conduct year-round fishing in the Bering and Okhotsk Seas, off the coast of the Kamchatka Peninsula and Sakhalin Island. The main objects of fishing of the Group of Companies are: walleye pollock, herring, cod, greenling, grenadier, halibut, flounder, perch, spiny cheeks, salmon species of fish and squid. The Camline group of companies is one of the largest producers of the northern one-finned greenling, which lives off the coast of eastern Kamchatka and the northern Kuril Islands. Fishing vessels of the Group of Companies fish for five species of Far Eastern flounder, four species of sea bass, two species of spiny cheeks, two species of squid, and three species of halibut. A distinctive feature of the activities of the Group of Companies is a wide range of species of marine biological resources caught - more than 25 and types of fish products produced from them - more than 50. The Group of Companies produces fresh-frozen fish products from whole and piece to gutted and decapitated and fillets, as well as minced fish, liver, milk and caviar. Particular attention is paid to the quality of fish products.

        All products of the so-called "sea freezing" - all technological operations are carried out directly at sea on board fishing vessels immediately after the catch, due to which the time from catch to processing is reduced to a minimum, practically live fish enters the workshop. We offer our customers products that meet the highest requirements. Due to its high quality, fish products under the Camline trademark are known not only in Russia, but also in the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union, the Asia-Pacific region, and the European Union. The goal for the Group of Companies is to expand the geography of sales of its own fish products.

       Currently branded products  "Camline"  enjoys a well-deserved  popularity  not only in Russia and other countries of the Eurasian Economic Union, but also in Japan, Korea, China, and EU countries. The group of companies "Camline" closely cooperates with industry research institutes VNIRO, TINRO on the problems of searching, studying, discovering technologies in the development of new fishing objects, preserving existing reserves of aquatic biological resources.

Annual catch

More than 155 thousand tons.

Fleet Composition


▸ BATM "Butovsk"

▸ BATM "Eglaine"

▸ BATM Sunfish

▸ TR "Andromeda"

▸ TR "Peter Rikord"


▸ RTM "Zeus"

  RTM "Camline"

  RTM "Antares"

  RTM "Kairos"

  SRTM "Hermes"

  SRTM "Parnassus"

  SRTM "Apollo"

  SRTM "Antey"

  SRTM "Phoenix"

  SRTM "Dionysus"

  SRTM "Prometheus"

  SRTM "Hercules"

  SRTM "Mars"

  SRTM "Sirius"

  TR "Zarya"

  TR "Akashiya"

  TR "Apollo Flyer"

  TR "Amega"

  TR "Hatsukari"

  TR "Artemis"

  TR "Aphrodite"

  TR "Amphitrite"


         During the year, the fleet catches more than 155 thousand tons of fish, from which it produces more than 110 thousand tons of various fish products. In the volume of total deliveries, 50% of products are sold on the foreign market, 50% are supplied to the Russian market.

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